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Available on iPad and iPhone !

This application allows everyone to appreciate the transformations of Rome from antiquity until the present day, in a central point of the city, the area of the Imperial Fora.

Imperial Fora App

The project created by 3DRome permits a real journey through time that can take place both on site and elsewhere.

In the Imperial Fora App you will find 3 main sections: LIVE 3D, MAP, HISTORY.

LIVE 3 D: in this section we can explore the area of the Trajan’s Forum and Forum of Augustus at the present time. This reproduces the experience of freely roaming in these Archeological sites as they are today.

From there we can browse through different eras: 125 a.d.,1450, 1750 and 1815. After choosing one era, we’ll be able to access more specific contents: signs will indicate points of interest, touching them, we’ll be able to watch scenes of the daily life from that era, we’ll get important audio information and well be able to look at a gallery of images. We could change the date to see the evolution of that site through different ages.

Along the path we’ll find some spinning balls, those are time capsules, or bubbles, clicking on them you’ll be able to virtually visit Rome the way it was at time of the Empire, in the late Middle Age and in 1750 and 1815. Like being in a time machine, we will gain a direct knowledge and experience of the eternal city.

MAPS: In this section, from the starting point of 3D models replicating the area of The Imperial Fora at different times, we will access the sites of interest and the time capsules. In addition to this we will be able to visualize the contents through areal views of the historical city in the different ages and thereafter to situate these venues in the contemporary topography.

HISTORY: in this section, through dynamic narratives and images, we will be able to relive the millenary urbanistic and historical experience of the unique site of the Imperial Fora. 
From this microcosm we’ll see the history of Rome unfolding from its foundation to the present. 

Download on iPad/iPhone

 Imperial Fora App

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